Benedictine Day of Service College of Saint Benedict Saint John's University

    Time to come together in Benedictine service!

    True to the Benedictine way, service of others in the name of Benedictine values like community living and stewardship is a hallmark of CSB and SJU alumni. Your time on these campuses and within our unique community has instilled in you a desire to make the world a better place, and that starts within your own community. 

    On this Benedictine Day of Service, we invite Johnnies, Bennies, families, and friends everywhere to put this spirit into action. 

    This year, the CSB Alumnae Board and the SJU Alumni Board are working together to offer you simple and engaging chances to do just that. Activities this year will focus on the basic needs of your community.  

    Mark your calendar and make plans now to lend your energy to the effort as we pool the power of Bennies and Johnnies around the world into a focused force for good – wherever we are. 

    Find an event near you 
    Join us for one of the organized Day of Service projects listed below. Be sure to check back before Saturday, April 13, as new events will be added as we go. 

    *In some locations, alums may choose to do events in the days leading up to, or following April 13, based on area calendars. Be sure to double-check dates. 

    Start something in your area 
    The CSB Alumnae Board and SJU Alumni Board would be happy to help you organize a service project in your community! These events are created through the passion of a few rallying the efforts of many! If you notice a need in your community, this is a great opportunity to be active in addressing it. Reach out to the alum-office contacts below now or fill out this online form and start building momentum. 

    Serve your own way 
    Wherever you are, something needs doing. There’s never a shortage of volunteer opportunities. So even if you can’t make it to one of the organized service projects, you can be with us in spirit if we all connect in service for the day. Connect with a cause that matters to you, and don’t forget to share on social media, using #BenedictineService.

    Contact Information 
    Valerie Jones '94 and Adam Herbst '99 
    CSB Alumnae and SJU Alumni offices 
    320-363-3468 / 320-363-3099

    Minnesota Events
    Out-of-State Events