A college of Bennies on Bennie Day; Text: Once a Bennie, Always a Bennie

    Celebrate Bennie Day Your Own Bennie Way
    Show the world your Saint Ben’s spirit this year on Thursday, Sept. 29, with some Bennie Day fun! Bennie Day is a day of camaraderie started by students over 20 years ago to honor school pride and acknowledge how special it is to be a part of the CSB community. Held during Homecoming week each year, we continue to celebrate on campus and with Bennie alumnae near and far!

    Find a gathering near you
    Reach out to your Bennie besties and join us for one of the Bennie Day get-togethers listed below. Be sure to check back before Sept. 29, as new events will be added periodically.

    Show your Bennie pride
    Here are some fun suggestions for how you can get involved on Thursday, Sept. 29:
    • Wear your Bennie gear. Visit the CSB Bookstore to see the latest items available to purchase or purchase a Bennie Day t-shirt during event registration. 
    • Interact with us on social media – share your memories from your days on campus or current shots of you and your Bennie Day crew. Be sure to tag @SaintBensAlums, use the hashtag #BennieDay, post your photos on our Facebook page or email us at csbalumnae@csbsju.edu.

    Bennie Day Gatherings

    *Check dates of events not being held on Sept. 29.
    Times listed are based on event location time zone.
    Sept. 29, Noon (CDT)

    “A Timeline of CSB's Presidents” with Archivist Peggy Landwehr Roske ’77 via Alumni Learning Consortium (ALC). 

    A retrospective look at CSB's presidents seems timely as the first president of both CSB and SJU, Brian Bruess, settles into his first year at the helm. Archivist Peggy Roske '77 will give an overview of the women (and one man) who served as CSB presidents from 1913 to 2022. Who were these people and what did they accomplish? Register

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